About The Gaia Method


A little history

The Gaia Method is a body-oriented modality developed by Susanne Roursgaard. It slowly came together over a period of 30 years. Revealed itself through many courses, trainings, medicinal-, body-oriented and psychological educations and professions. Gradually transforming into the form, it has today. Starting off as an experimental bodywork therapy focused on Sexual Somatic Body-therapy. Evolving from a purely Therapy and Dearmouring touch focused technique into a modality including soft Dearmouring, Energy work, Breath, Sound and Therapy – also referred to as DEBST. The Gaia Method consist of different known tools put together in a new way. Integrating body, mind and soul. Merging knowledge and techniques from Psychology, Science and the “so-called” Alternative and Spiritual World. All complimenting each other in a holistic way, together with ideas and methods from old traditions, that inspires Susanne, such as Shamanism, Tantra and Yoga.

What is the Gaia Method?

The Gaia Method is a process designed to help you shed blockages, patterns, trauma and beliefs, that disconnects you from yourself. Prevents you from fully feeling. Fully living. Fully being, who you truly are. A process where you will meet yourself and your patterns and/or trauma. Both thought-wise, behavioral, body-wise, emotionally and spiritually. It is not just a technique. Not just body work. It is a process that involves the whole you!
Enabling you to let go of patterns, trauma and habits no longer serving. To become a true and authentic being – daring to be yourself, from the inside and out. The Gaia Method brings loving attention to areas of tension, numbness and disconnection. It is known as a “soft touch” method. Not forcing through armor with brute force but inviting the body to open up without hard pressure on the tissue. Welcoming emotions and parts of you that has been rejected, to be expressed and re-integrate into you in a compassionate and loving way.

What is the purpose of The Gaia Method?

The Gaia Method’s deeper aim is to help you connect to your essence. To consciously be able to create in life, manifest and express yourself. To transform the parts that prevents you from fully living your potential, from feeling and experiencing life – to become capable of consciously expressing yourself in the World, in accordance to who you really are. To realize you have a choice regarding how you meet your life! How you live it!