Female Sexuality


In this women only retreat we will dive into different aspects of the female sexuality and explore with ourselves as well as work with each other in different practices such as Self-de-armouring, Self-pleasuring, Self:cervix (selfcervix.com, an on-line program where Susanne teaches), connection between throat and cervix, connection to the breast, our sense of ourselves as a woman – and woman-to-woman sexual de-armouring. Just to name a few things.

It will be sensual, intimate, funny – as well as have space to meet your fears, resistance, anger, grief and sadness.
So if you dream about meeting your own sensual, vibrant and/or sexual self – then this retreat is perfect for you!

This workshop will be more of an experienced learning process than long theoretical teaching.

There will be nudity in this workshop!

A safe held and contained space to process in is a key value of The Gaia Method. This is why we will have several of our experienced assistants present. We believe in good imprints of both female and masculine energy, which is why there will be one male assistant in this retreat; Susanne’s partner Adam Beker. Adam has a soft yet strong masculine energy. He supports with his ability to hold deep space in a non-invasive way with a presence that most women deeply long for. Adam has a very disciplined tantric and yogic practice.


27 - 30 June 2019


Venwoude, The Netherlands



Who is this for?

Any woman who wants to deepen the connection to herself, professional healers, Tantra masseuses, bodyworkers and therapists who want to learn more about female sexuality and how to open up more life force energy. If you work with sexuality you have to know your own in depth. This space will provide possibility for that. If you long for experiencing heightened sensitivity, to meet your sensuality and sexuality, maybe having emotional release, then this retreat is also for you.


720 Euro. To secure your registration you have to pay 300 euro in a non-refundable deposit. The rest is to be paid 6 weeks before the retreat. Included in the price is vegan food, tea, water, fruit, snacks and sleeping in the workshop space plus 40 hours of teaching.


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