A key value in The Gaia Method is to provide a space that is fully contained and safe. A space that is held so tight that you can dive deep into process and inner spaces – knowing, that if you need extra support and someone to hold space for you, that kind of spaceholding is there for you.

To be able to hold deep space for others, it is important that the bodyworker/teacher/assistant has done a lot of self-work. Cleaned out and gotten to know own wounds, projections and convictions. Know where we come from intention-wise. Make sure that we do not operate from shadow sides to get something ourselves, when we are supposed to be of service to others! Important that as a practitioner we stay well educated and knowledgeable about the field we work in! The ability to hold space for others will never be bigger than the combination of professional knowledge and inner self-work done by the practitioner!

There is always a big team present in retreats held by The Gaia Method. This to ensure that there is enough support available. There will most often be an equal amount of men and women present in the team to create a masculine and feminine balance. The Gaia Method has a solid team of assistants plus Adam and Susanne as facilitators and teachers. Many assistants have been with Susanne for years. All have received training by her in The Gaia Method, in Spaceholding skills, in presence, in how to assist “The Gaia Method way” – this on top of their other skills and abilities. Most of the assistant are professional bodyworkers. Several hold their own groups and teach. All assistants in the team are chosen for their specific skills, qualities and personalities.

In The Gaia Method we believe in the importance of having a team with diversity in age and personality type. This way there will normally always be someone in the team, that you as a participant can relate to in an easy way. Someone you will feel safer and more at ease with.

Another important key in Spaceholding, when you work with self-development, deep processes, opening up bodies and trauma, is the 100 % rule that NO assistant/teacher/facilitator is allowed to interact intimately with any participants during the retreat – neither in sessions, in breaks or during nights. Only if an assistant/facilitator/teacher and participant is already intimately related before the retreat will this be allowed during the retreat. This is a Rule with NO exceptions!

Prior to retreats in The Gaia Method organized by Susanne and Adam, you always fill out a health form and return it before the retreat – to make sure we know enough about you to ensure a safe process for you.

Spaceholding and safety for participants/clients is one of the most important key values of The Gaia Method! An area in which Susanne do not compromise on quality or number of assistants required during retreats.