The physical body is fully penetrated by an energy body – which is a body of frequencies and vibrations, a bit bigger than the physical body itself. Every time we get a shock, that we do not react actively to, energy get stuck and freezes in tissues and cells connected somehow to the experience.

Sound is vibration and frequencies. Sound can through the use of various tones, vowels and mantras, open up old frozen and stuck energy via the vibration resonating with the exact frequency in the tissue in the energy blocked area. This resonance will create movement and flow of the stuck energy.

Sound also has the ability to activate parts of the brain’s subconscious areas and give access to unconscious memory. Hence allowing us to work more therapeutically with an issue we might not have known enough about, to begin with, to actually address it.

The use of sound in The Gaia Method is performed either by the practitioner, the client or both. It can also come in the form of tunings forks or Singing Bowls – either just in the form or its sound reaching you or by being in direct contact with your body while so